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NISA project is a combination of Peace Leaders from Nigeria, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, co -designed and co- created by Obi Onyeigwe (Nigerian) and Dima Mahjoub (Syrian -based in Germany). The initiative is supported by Euphrates Institute. Every year we embark on a 3-6 month learning program on Peace Leadership. The NISA programme is for any individual interested in Peace leadership within any of these countries and others, young persons, female and male, students/practitioner of different disciplines. In addition, the program creates a stage for the community participate in most basic parts of the initiative intervention by actively getting involved and learn as the target group. Participants will be actively engaged in discussions and interactions, correct misconceptions and myths about peace and togetherness in non-violence way, encourage for personal reflection, awareness raising and community exploration, advocate for change, create community social networks for change, mobilize the community to promote peace norms and positive change. It involves modeling stories- testimonies and success stories, interactive learning, role play, group discussions and brainstorming sessions, and use of debate to challenge views and air relevant arguments takes part during all modules. This programme will use hybrid format for six months training and will have two to three sessions per month. The Facilitators are seasoned and experiential Peace Leaders that will engage participants in all six-month programme.

Addressing the Critical Void in Peace Leadership and Community Connections: An Urgent Call to Action for Sustainable Development and Harmony

There is inadequate peace leadership and connections within communities its disturbing as well as an obstacle in achieving the sustainable development Goals (SDGs). The level of volatile hatred and violence among different religious, ethnic, tribal, Christian and Muslim conflicts exceeds what can be imagined. Communities are divided and distrust each to one another. Just because they have not immersed into learning about Leadership Peace Practice. This as a result leads to leadership failure and community crisis and hatred. This causes our faith communities and entire community to be under siege on daily basis during community crisis and create increased tensions between communities and different faith communities with accusations, counter accusations, violence, and mistrust when we need to build trust and have a free violence changed community.

Peace Crisis
Goal and Objectives

Our Goal

to improve the ability of 30 participants to understand and practice community peace and leadership in action, by at least fulfilling three out of five modules of peace leadership in NISA- Nigeria, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan.


To strengthen the capacity of 30 participants comprising community leaders, students, teachers in Nigeria, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan – NISA to participate and lead practices in peace leadership.

To learn skills and increase knowledge of personal peace practice and contextualize it among participants.

Build collective intelligence and relationships to foster peace as life skills and action among participants. To facilitate joint online peace and interfaith alliances in NISA for further research and lessons for intercultural peace building community collaborations.

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